Morreale Paris Héritage - Morreale Eau de Parfum (MEN)



Morreale by Morreale Paris is Jean Pierre Morreale’s very first creation for men, re-design as an Eau de Parfum in a special « Héritage » limited edition to celebrate the anniversary of the House.

With Morreale, master perfumer JP Morreale shares his personal vision of the contrast between fervor and wisdom. Coppery notes of white musk invite you to enhance your senses for absolute clarity, while jasmine and vetiver open up the depths of virtuous forests.

Thanks to a secret formula—exclusive to Morreale—the fragrance amplifies Bergamot's anxiety-reducing properties, acting as an anti-stress, regenerating, and toning remedy on the skin and giving Morreale all the power of a master fragrance.