Morreale Paris Héritage - Morreale Eau de Parfum (WOMEN)


De Donate by Morreale Paris is Jean Pierre Morreale’s very first creation for women, re-designed as an Eau de Parfum in a special « Héritage » limited edition to celebrate the anniversary of the House. Its notes of Pineapple and Bourbon Vanilla enfold us in sweet harmonies, while its sophisticated blend of Lemon and Rosewood carries our senses to island landscapes. Wearing De Donate means reconnecting with your senses, embracing the waves, the sun, the wind, and all the delights of the summer season. The fragrance's essence and heavenly nature open the doors to an exotic adventure in the land of freedom and well-being. Thanks to a secret formula—exclusive to Morreale—the fragrance enhances the rejuvenating properties of Jasmine, working like a fountain of youth on the skin and giving De Donate all the freshness of a premium perfume.