Morreale Bottle Sur Mesure

Le Monde sur Mesure by Morreale Paris

The Absolute Royal Fragrance.

Imagined by JP Morreale, this bespoke collection is the most exclusive line of perfume in the world. Le Monde sur Mesure is handcrafted using only the rarest and the most distinctive ingredients.

Every piece comes in its luxurious wooden travel case with a 18k gold bracelet.

It takes up to a year to create each bottle.

Le Monde sur Mesure is much more than a bespoke fragrance, it’s a true work of art, a conversational piece, a part of yourself.

Le Monde sur Mesure is an ultra-personalized journey that focuses on your tastes, your experience of the world and the color of your personality to create a fragrance that is unique in its form and history.

Le Monde sur Mesure is the most exclusive line of perfumes in the world.

Throughout the year that is dedicated to creating your fragrance, Master Perfumer JP Morreale and his team translate your essence into olfactory sensations: the landscape that touched you, the special radiance of a distant memory, the emotion associated with a defining moment in your childhood.

The Master Perfumer and his team honor both the dreams you have not yet fulfilled and those you have already realized, selecting the rarest ingredients that are closest to your essence, your “self,” creating a subjective and concrete vision of you: the expression of your olfactory voice.

The finished perfume is displayed in a bottle engraved with a serial number, wrapped in gold armor and inlaid with precious stones that best match the fragrance and your personal esthetic preferences.

With Le Monde sur Mesure, La Maison Morreale Paris is telling your one-of-a-kind story, like a stream of instant memories that submerges you and transports you elsewhere for a moment, through the scent of a unique perfume.

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