Royal Fragrance Is World's Most Expensive ($1.5 Million Per Bottle)

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Which French perfume brand has clients willing to spend US$20 million on a diamond-encrusted bottle?

Business Insider
A French perfume brand makes $20 million, diamond-encrusted bottles and flies clients around the world in a private jet to collect ingredients for one-of-a-kind scents

Black Friday for Millionaires OUR BRAND NEW $20 MILLION PERFUME!!

$1.5-million perfume set for exclusive show

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Ultimate Splurge-Worthy Luxury Gift Guide

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Este es el perfume más caro del mundo, ¿su precio? 1.5 millones de dólares

Ella Arabia
عطر بـ 1.5 مليون دولار، ينقل بطائرة خاصة

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A French perfume brand makes over R280 million, diamond-encrusted bottles