The World Famous Snail Extract Face Gel by Morreale Paris

Your Skin Deserve Eternal Youth

Jean Pierre Morreale introduces his world renowned snail gel. This fantastic facial treatment will make your skin shine with a youthful glow. Look and feel 10 years younger after only a few applications. The extract of Aloes Vera combined with Snail slime will hydrate and repair your skin in only a few days.

The Story

The snail extract face gel was created by Jean Pierre Morreale, inspired by an old and secret family remedy based on snail slime. It was used to help heal any type of scaring on the face or the body and when mixed with Aloes Vera, it creates an extremely effective and rejuvenating face treatment. 

Application of the Snail Gel

We recommend applying the face gel twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed time in the evening. Results will start to show after only a few days! 

Health Benefits 

Thanks to a secret formula exclusive to Morreale Paris, this gel enhances the rejuvenating properties of Aloes Vera and the repairing properties of Snail slime extract working like a fountain of youth on the skin.